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a digital designer turning visions into accessible and memorable experiences.

design systems

design works

webflow implementation

recently i’ve been exploring the world of webflow implementation – and it's been a fun ride!

meadow memorials

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the web design was created by Balbina Fabia from SWM, and was fully implemented on Webflow by me.


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the web design was done by Jaime Barrett, implemented on Webflow with CMS and using Relume by me.

app.js conf

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the core webflow template was created by Aleksandra Niewiadomska-Ptak, with rebranding and amendments since Jan 2024 made by me.

framer implementation

if webflow... why not framer?


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fully designed and implemented from scratch on framer by me
more coming soon

in the 4 years of my experience i’ve worked in various disciplines...

– conducting ux workshops
– wireframing
– finalising ui interfaces
– building design systems
– preparing prototypes

– creating brand identity & gadgets
– delivering designs and documentation for developers & qa

hey, that’s me! nice to meet you!

... however my main focus is on:

settings cog

design systems

having a good and scalable design system is a core element in a ux/ui project and i thoroughly enjoy working on that

ui design

designing intuitive and memorable interfaces is something that brings me satisfaction in my day-to-day tasks

no-code dev

i’ve never expected that, but bringing eye-catching web designs to life is something that i do with passion
i created this portfolio from scratch!
i'm an accomplished photographer, so you can find my photos scattered somewhere on the web:
black cat on yellow backgroundtropical beach by turquoise waterbeach on an island in norwaygreen palm by pink wall

let’s connect and create something together.